Thursday, January 26

Easy Hard-Boiled Eggs

I have never really been a fan of hard-boiled eggs. They have always smelled weird to me and I've never really fantasized about creating any dishes using them. But for some reason I was contemplating what to make for lunch today and I got an instant craving for them! Since I had never made them before I read a ton of ways to make them online and after experimenting a little I think I found the best way to make PERFECT hard-boiled eggs. 

Put your eggs in a sauce pan or pot and cover them with water. Put this on the stove and bring the water to a boil over high heat. Once the water is boiling put the top on the pot and reduce the heat to simmering. Set the timer for 10 minutes. When they have cooked for 10 minutes immediately drain the water and put the eggs in a bath of ice water to cool them down faster and to prevent further cooking. 

Et voila! Perfect hard-boiled eggs. They are great to use in salad's when you are took lazy to saute chicken or steak (like I was today).  

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