Saturday, January 21

Book Club, #1

Talk about twisted endings.


Book: Dark Places
Author: Gillian Flynn

Discussion Questions posed by Gillian Flynn:

1)  “I have a meanness inside me, real as an organ…Draw a picture of my soul and it’d be a scribble with fangs.” What does Libby’s opening narration tell you about how she views herself? Do you agree with her description? 
I think Libby Day is a character with nothing left to lose. Yes she is mean and frequently insulting, but these outbursts are not completely unwarranted. Maybe this is just as much a reminder to herself as it is to the rest of the world not to get too close. 

2)  The Kill Club is a macabre group obsessed with true crimes. Why do you think we are so interested in the murders of people we don’t know? Is the fascination exploitive, or does it serve some purpose? 
I think that people are interested in the murders of people they don’t know because it provides a thrill without the consequences.  It isn’t necessarily exploitive, people sometimes because obsessed with things to defer from their own reality. Look at the members of the Kill Club – you can’t exactly make the argument that they are leading fulfilling lives.

3)  Libby became famous as a victim—how do you think this strange fame affected her? Would she have been better adjusted had she never become famous? 
I think she may have been less jaded had she not become famous, but that doesn’t mean she would have been better adjusted. Since her rise to fame occurred at such a young age I think she began associating her self-worth with the level of her fame. Kind of similar to child actors. I think the childhood fame just added another layer of dysfunction to her life.

4)  What do you think of Patty Day as a mother? Is she doing the best she can, or is she making excuses for herself? What emotions ultimately fuel her choices?  Can you see yourself making the choices she makes? 
The ending actually made me cry because it reminded me so much of my own mom. I’m not saying that my mom would go to the extremes that Patty did, but I think Patty truly did what she thought was best. She acted out of desperation and while her decision might have been irrational and over the top she didn't know what else to do. She didn't have anyone else to turn to. I don't think that I would make the choices she made, but I can't say for sure. I've never been in that kind of debt before or experienced that severe desperation, and probably depression, that Patty felt on a daily basis. 

5) What do you believe is Diondra’s motivation throughout the story? Does it change, or is it consistent? Does her relationship with Ben change him? 
Diondra is a hard nut to crack. Of course her relationship with Ben changes him. Love changes everyone and fictional characters are no exception. I think Diondra's motivation stays relatively consistent throughout the story. Her only motivation is self preservation and regardless of what situation she gets herself into that remains her first and only concern. 

Now I want to hear your answers!
Ps, I read her other novel Sharp Objects and it is just as good so if you like her writing style I highly recommend it. 

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